AHRS Devices

Made small. Made simple.

Ready to Use

Explore tutorials and Software Development Kit examples, and learn how-to access and control CyberAtom devices using most popular operating systems, PC or development boards.

PC Friendly

Single USB-cable connection for data transport and power-on of X-200 device is ideal for quick evaluation, configuration and performance tuning.

Free tools to visualize, inspect and configure the devices are available for free for Windows and Linux.

Embedded Friendly

5V-tolerant UART interface and simple protocol make them ready to use with virtually any micro-controller.

I2C interface and user-configurable device addresses enables controlling many CyberAtom devices connected to single shared bus.

Maker Friendly

X-200 and X-201 devices are fully usable on breadboards making prototyping so easy and straightforward.

Small form factors allow to use in variety of gadgets and equipment of almost any kind, including wearables.

Developer Friendly

Rich set of ready-to-use API libraries for variety of programming languages and platforms allow to access and control CyberAtom devices in a convenient way.

Ugrade'able firmware and simple upgrade procedure helps to benefit from the latest features and latest improvements available on already purchased devices.

Hobby Friendly

Tutorials for Arduino and Raspbery Pi as well as dedicated SDK allows to connect the device in a simple and straighforward way with these platforms.

Environment Friendly

Made with use of certified components, in lead-free manufacturing process. RoHS compliant.