9-DOF AHRS device built with digital MEMS sensors with USB, UART and I2C interfaces, packaged in module with 2.5mm mounting holes and micro cable connector.


Parameter Value Unit
Supply Voltage +3.3 V
Current Consumption 55 mA
Output Logic Level +3.3 V
Input Logic Level +3.3 to +5.0 V
Operation temperature -35 up to +80 °C
Temperature calibration range +24 °C
Maximum output update rate 100 Hz
Quaternion output data format float IEEE754
Euler angles output data format float IEEE754
Maximum rotation rate 2000 deg/sec
Communication interfaces I2C, UART, USB
Max I2C clock speed 400 kHz
Max UART baud rate 230400 bauds
Firmware upgrade interface USB, UART
Cable connector type Molex Micro-Lock 504195-0670
Width 17 mm
Height 21.6 mm
Depth 8.5 mm
Weight 3 g
Mounting technology 4 x M2.5




X-203 3D model for Sketchup 2015

PC Software

Cyber Studio

Available on Cyber Studio download page.



USB Driver

Cyberatom USB Driver


Available on Utilities download page.

Software Development Kit

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