CyberAtom C Library


CyberAtom C Library Documentation

The C library for CyberAtom AHRS devices provides a set of functions to communicate and exchange data to and from CyberAtom devices connected to USB or serial port of the PC.

The purpose of the library is to:

Header Files

The library comes with single header file cyberatom.h.


On Linux systems the library requires, and libusb-1.0 being available, which is usually the case for default installations of most popular distributions.

On Windows it requires Microsoft redistributable to be installed. These libraries can be downloaded from


Library Files

The API library for C++ is distributed as dynamic/shared library one per OS/platform version. It's nature as shared/dynamic library with standardized ABI makes is highly interoperable wiht other compiler types/version.

System Bitness Compiler File Name
Windows 32-bit MSVC 19 cyberatom.dll and cyberatom.lib
Windows 64-bit MSVC 19 cyberatom.dll and cyberatom.lib
Windows 32-bit mingw32 4.9.1 cyberatom.dll and libcyberatom.dll.a
Linux 32-bit GCC 4.8.2
Linux 64-bit GCC 4.8.2
MacOS 64-bit clang 503 libcyberatom.dylib

Download Site

The library can be downloaded from