CyberAtom X-200 User Manual

Identify CyberAtom Device Using USB Connection

You need to have cyber-boot application (part of CyberAtom-utils package).

On Windows system you need to have USB driver for CyberAtom devices installed.

On Linux system you need to have proper configuration of udev system (if running this procedure with regular user rights).

Each CyberAtom device has unique serial number assigned to it. This number is permanent and is not changed during a firmware upgrade procedure.

This document describes how-to determine this unique device number.

  1. Connect CyberAtom device to the PC with USB cable.
  2. Run `cyber-boot` program with `--list` parameter.

    On Linux systems that would be:

    $ ./cyber-boot --list

    On Windows systems that would be:

    > cyber-boot.exe --list

The application with list all connected CyberAtom devices with the serial number value:

List of CyberAtom devices detected:
1. CyberAtom X-200 SN: 63235302107523D4D3009300