CyberAtom X-200 User Manual

Firmware Upgrade Using UART Interface

You need to have USB-to-UART adapter.

The firmware upgrade operation is the following:
  1. Connect CyberAtom to your PC using USB-to-UART.
  2. Download lastest firmware version and unzip it to get a *.dfu file.
  3. Download utilities and unzip it to get cyber-boot executable available.
  4. Use command line cyber-boot tool to upgrade the firmware.

    On Windows (assuming the adapter is reported as COM1) systems that would be:

    > cyber-boot.exe -b --serial-port COM1 --upload /path/to/firmware.dfu

    On Linux systems (assuming the adapter is reported as /dev/ttyUSB0 device) that would be:

    $ ./cyber-boot -b --serial-port /dev/ttyUSB0 --upload /path/to/firmware.dfu
    The application will perform firmware upload giving the following progress indication:
    Rebooting CyberAtom USB device.
    Entering bootloader....
    Waiting for memory layout info...
    Uploading...    [=================        ] 64%        25456 bytes

    Then - it will reboot the device.

You can use Cyber Studio to connect to the CyberAtom device to verify installed version of your firmware. It should match the one in the name of the firmware file.