USB Driver for Windows

When a CyberAtom device is connected to a Windows PC for the very first time, Windows might report that it failed to find a USB driver automatically. This document explains how-to install the driver manually.

This instruction is valid for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 versions.

You will need administrator's rights to perform the installation.

Step 1

Connect CyberAtom device to your PC using USB cable.

Step 2

Download Zadig application from apropriate for your Windows version.

Run the Zadig application.

The application should detect CyberAtom device and the screen should look like that

Make sure that the Driver field, has WinUSB option selected.

Step 3

Click "Install Driver" button.

When installation process is finished, CyberAtom device can be found in Windows Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus Devices tree node.